Moroccan Red Clay


I'd like to introduce my signature soap, Moroccan Red Clay. It is my best selling soap, but I wanted to tweak it a bit to make it mo' better and even more popular than ever. What I did was add whole Aloe Vera and yogurt to my already bangin' recipe base with the addition of honey, soy protein, French red clay, activated charcoal and silk. I ground lavender with coriander and allspice and lavishly sprinkled on top for some pretty punctuation. 

"She" told me that Bay Rum, citrus and of course, Patchouli in the background would be her chosen fragrance combo to wear because she's an earthy kind of girl and that guys would dig her like that too. Say hello to my pretty friend! Tell me, do you like earthy fragrances? Let me hear about it in the comments. Happy bathing!

MRC in Terracotta and Noir

Moroccan Red Clay Moroccan Red Clay Reviewed by Frankinscience on December 04, 2013 Rating: 5


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