Gorda™ Artisan Soaps

Gorda™ Artisan Soaps are sold out until further notice.

Our premier product is Gorda™ Artisan Soaps, a premium, 100% handcrafted soap traditionally and lovingly prepared in small batches using cold process methods. Each bar is a generous 9.5 oz - 10 oz pHunky-chunk of skin-loving goodness! 

Knowledge is a good thing and so are Gorda™ Artisan Soaps. When you know the "goodness" that goes into every bar of our soap you'll understand the wholesome and gentle clean you're going to experience. We focus on food and the lusciousness it contributes to each and every batch we prepare. Take a look and see what makes Gorda™ Artisan Soaps good enough to eat.
Bon bain chaud! ~ Nice warm bath!

handmade soap
Lemon-Lavender-Rosemary - "Scent-sationally" vibrant and rustic this soap will get you started refreshed and ready for the day! It is a wonderful shower soap to lather with. The lemony bright fragrance is complemented with ground herbs of lemongrass, lavender, coriander, and rosemary. Enriched with yogurt, beer-oat milk, and honey.

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Green Goddess 
We adore this new soap! It’s simply avocado, cucumber, detoxifying activated charcoal, black salt and coconut milk. Scented and enriched with Frankincense and Geranium essential oils. It smells like, Ooh-la-la!

handmade soap
Posset is a made with Cabernet Sauvignon, milk, eggs, honey, shea butter, silk and more, more of the good stuff that gently cleans your whole body leaving your skin soft, hydrated and fragrantly heady like incense. 

handmade soap
Moroccan Red Clay

Moroccan Red Clay – This is our signature soap we know you will love. french red clay, activated charcoal, aloe vera, yogurt, eggs and honey punctuated with lavender, coriander, and allspice lavishly sprinkled on top. Fragranced with bay rum, citrus and of course, patchouli in the background. Natural colors.

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Buttermilk Calendula
Buttermilk-Calendula (VO) – We love our tallow-based soaps very much, but sometimes it’s good to switch between formulas and offer something else just as appealing. This luxurious vegetable oil soap (olive, castor, coconut) contains buttermilk, eggs, turmeric, and honey. We make it unscented to use as a perfect facial soap, that’s gentle enough for babies too and a version scented with a blend of citrus and wildflowers. Turmeric and Calendula have been added for their amazing ability to soothe the skin. If you’re persnickety this soap you’ll enjoy!

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