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Sometimes it's good to be on the late freight when you come across something so fly you have to lean back, listen and enjoy the experience. Hearing something fresh out of the plethora of "hip-hop" (I so hate labels), available I was enlightened and refreshed listening to and watching the rap duo, "Snotty Nose Rez Kids (SNRK)," Quinton "Yung Trybez" Nyce and Darren "Young D" Metz, two fine young brothers hailing from the West Coast Haisla Nation, "The People of the Snow," based in Vancouver BC. 

Their consciousness is contagious as their lyrics flow on top of trap beats taking you on a meditative bounce that even my old-ass can get with. They are a solid band and proud aboriginals. I love where they're coming from and where they are going with their message for indigenous people by indigenous people.

SNRK is now gigging up north on their Trapline Tour. Check the dates.  So if you dig trap music with a cultural approach usually not heard from, listen to lyrics from "Creator Made an Animal," and tell me what you know 'bout that!

Go on and raise the roof SNRK! Y'all got 🔥🔥🔥 to burn!

Check SNRK's YouTube video and their interview on CBC Radio. Peace and love, y'all.☮

Snotty Nose Rez Kids - I Can't Remember My Name (ft. Shanks Sioux) [Official Video]

Thank you to the generous support of FACTOR and Amplify BC. Second single off Snotty Nose Rez Kids' new album, TRAPLINE, available now!

Music with a message: How growing up on reserve shaped the Snotty Nose Rez Kids | CBC Radio

When Quinton "Yung Trybez" Nyce and Darren "Young D" Metz first started performing as the Snotty Nose Rez Kids, both were dealing with deep, personal struggles. Nyce lost his brother to suicide. "I'm a pretty cheerful guy but I was in a slump, in a weird, dark space.

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